Below are testimonials provided by a number of the many students and parents whom we have assisted in one way or another in getting closer to their dream universities and future career.

To all of our students, we thank you for your kind words and we wish you all the best in your endeavours!

Soo Yong Seng

Bachelor of Civil Engineering, University of Newcastle, Australia
February 2019 Intake

Hello Amy, I’ve just settled in at my University accommodation and everything is now done. I just need to wait for classes to begin next week. I want to say thank you to you and A3 Education & Training, for making all of these happen. I first came to A3 around 3 years ago to ask about further studies when I just started my A Level, thank you for all the advice and help on how to write a good personal statements 😂. Although I kept changing my mind for my study destination and courses, you’re always patient with me and being helpful to me all the time. I am really grateful to have you as my further studies agent, truly appreciate all the things you’ve done for me, I will always remember you! Good luck to you. See you next time in Australia! ☺

~ Yong Seng


Bachelor of Aviation (Pilot), UNSW Sydney
February 2019 Intake

From Mdm Prema, parent of student: Hi Amy! So far, everything has been great. Everyone at Fig Tree Hall, UNSW has been warm and welcoming. Nishant has enjoyed all the activities organised during the O-week and has already made a few friends. He is set for classes to start next week. Thank you for the help and guidance you gave him!

Cassandra Choo

UCSI University

Hi Rina, we just want to thank you for your help in helping me enrolling into UCSI. Thank you so much for your assistance and help 🙂

~ Cassandra

Chong Pit Shen

Monash University Australia, BCom – Graduate 2018

Hello Amy! I’m finally graduating in May! Time has been passed by so quick and really appreciate the assistance you have provided me throughout my study period here in Melbourne. Thanks so much for always be there to answer questions or to solve any issues that I have 🙂 You have a very high level of responsibility in your job!

~ Pit Shen

Mary Florence Gomez

For Henry Moses Corray at La Trobe University
and Harriet Florentyna Corray at Monash College,
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

We wish to thank you for successfully obtaining foundation seats for our children Henry Moses Corray at La Trobe, Bundoora, Melbourne and Harriet Florentyna Corray at Monash College, Bourke Street, Melbourne.

This is a letter of how much we appreciate your services. We wish to put on record that you go beyond your call of duty by always being there for our children. The children are able to get in touch with you at whatever time they want through your mobile phones and if you do not answer you always return their calls and tell them what to do when they are at a crossroads and do not know what to do.

Ms Amy and Ms Rina are very good when dealing with our children. Through your counseling, our children have realized what pathway they want to take and seem to be on the right track now and seems to be motivated to start university in February 2017.
Our son, Henry was unsure of what he wanted to and Ms Amy spoke to him for nearly 3 hours sometime in March 2016 to gouge what he is interested in and finally she got it out of him that he wanted to do something to do with exercise. Henry does not like
maths and when he came back for a short break in June 2017 for about a week, Ms Amy, Ms Rina and Ms Vicky took the trouble to take him out and motivated him by giving him targets and we see that he is motivated now and they continuously motivate him all the time. This is important as the kids are quite lost when they are overseas.

Our daughter, Harriet insisted that she wanted to go to Sunway, Kuala Lumpur in January 2017 to start college based on her forecast results. We were not happy but relented and let her go. However she realized that Sun way was not the place for her and
we immediately contacted Ms Amy and made an appointment to see her with Harriet in at the end of May 2017. Ms Amy managed to get her out of Harriet that she was not cut out to science subjects and within a week managed to get her a place in Monash College, Melbourne to do a foundation leading to a Law Degree. We have to say that everything was very well arranged by Ms Rina, starting from the transportation from the airport to the accommodation and the registration at the college. There were no hitches whatsoever and we were happy to return on 16th July 2017, after settling her in Melbourne.

As parents we have to say that we also got and get the support we need to see our children through their courses. Whenever we are lost we are able to contact Ms Amy or Ms Rina at anytime and they will make time to see us even after office hours especially with our tight schedule. So not only do they counsel and give the support needed to the students but also to the parents.

We will without any hesitation recommend A3 to our friends. So many of our friends children have in fact benefited by going through A3 and with this kind of dedication, A3 will go far and be very relevant in the future.

Please keep up your dedication and passion to help students and parents to go through this very difficult phase in life.
We sincerely thank you from the very bottom of our hearts for what you have done for our family.

Yours sincerely,

~ Dr. Heric Corray and Mary Florence Gomez

The Gomez family

Amanda Goh

MUFY Programme January 2017
Monash University, Australia

The service from A3 is very good and also Amy and Rina are very thoughtful. Even after hours you guys are willing to help out which make us feel very assured. Once again thank you for all your help.

~ Amanda

Syahrul Safwan Najwan Bin Faisyal

BSc (Hons) Maritime Business and Logistics
PUIC and Plymouth University, United Kingdom

Ms. Rina thank you very much for your services. Me and my parents are very grateful for your services. You and A3 Education & Training made it possible for me to study at the UK and thank you for all of your hard-work.

~ Safwan

Daphne Yap Siao Ying

Monash University, Malaysia Campus
– currently on 6 months student exchange to Monash University, Australia campus

Amy! Thanks for sending and recommending me to Monash! I like everything here, very satisfied and worth it!

~ Siao Ying

Florence Sia

Doctor of Philosophy in Information Technology
Monash University, Australia

A3 Education Team has helped me a lot throughout the admission process into a postgraduate program in Monash University, Australia. They always took care of my questions and inquiries very promptly. Right from the beginning they kept me informed of what was happening during each step of the process.

The team members are very sincere, friendly, and reliable. I would like to express my sincere thanks and gratitude specifically to Ms Rina and Ms Amy for their excellent guidance and support given to me. Once again thank you so much! I would highly recommended A3 Education to future students who wish to pursue their study abroad.


~ Florence

Jackie Teh

For Marjan Marsa
Monash University Foundation Year (MUFY),
Sunway College

Thank you Amy, thanks for everything that you have done  for Marjan. Sunway University and the college is indeed a beautiful college. Marjan is so happy there,  Pearl and him and 2 others are tight and always together. Lilian, Pearl’s mother and I are so pleased.

~ Jackie

Jia Sheng, Marjan, Yujing and Pearl at Sunway College

Edward Lingkapo

For Quntam Neil Lingkapo
Dublin Institute Foundation School, Ireland
and School of Medicine at Charles University, Czech Republic

I wish to thank you for all the precious advice and assistance that you’ve rendered in the process of my son Quntam Neil Lingkapo admission to Dublin Institute Foundation School, Ireland in Jan 2014 intake. He managed to get all for A’s for his papers in Physics, Biology, Mathematics and Chemistry which eventually led him to enter the School of Medicine at Charles University at Czech Republic.

He has just  completed his 1 year exam on the 29 June 2015 in medicine and is looking forward to start the 2nd year in September 2015 intake.

My family would like to extend our words of appreciation to all the assistance you’ve given us.

~ Edward

Quntam with friends, during Orientation at Charles University, Czech Republic

Peter Lo Zhu En

BA (Hons) Business and Marketing
Birmingham City University

Many thanks to Amy for guiding me patiently and carefully throughout the whole process of application for my further studies in the UK, Birmingham City University. Your hard work and efforts are much appreciated! Amy is really a professional agent in education!

Wong Chee Leong

Diploma in Banking and Finance
Kaplan Singapore

I’m currently at Kaplan Singapore studying for my Diploma in Banking and Finance. I feel very happy and lucky because I’ve chosen the right school to further my studies. The quality of education in Kaplan is impressive and I’ve gained a lot of knowledge that goes beyond the books. Singapore is a good country to further studies because of the conveniences in public transport such as MRT and buses. You can experience a healthy lifestyle too staying in Singapore. I will definitely recommend Kaplan to future students. And thanks to A3 Education & Training for their assistance in my application too!

Winnie Ling

MPharm at Queen’s University Belfast

Thank you Amy! Thanks for sending me to Queen’s. It’s really nice and thanks for your hard work!

Chin Jen Zhou

INTO Newcastle University – Foundation in Science and Engineering
Recipient of 100% INTO Newcastle Scholarship

First of all, a big THANK YOU to Amy for everything. She’s seriously a great agent. I have trouble coping with the a few agents previously and my mind was absolutely blank, I literally didn’t know where to go for my further studies. Until my school mates introduced me to Amy, a friendly and sincere person with lots of experience. She helped me patiently, and gave me all the relevant information that I asked for. I can say that she treats every one of her clients the same way as she treated me. I had a good feeling that it will work out perfectly after the first time I met her and look at me now, INTO Newcastle University!

And the best part is, I got the INTO Foundation scholarship! At first I didn’t wanted to apply for it but Amy kept asking me to. Although the chances are very low, I still got persuaded and applied for it. Then after some time, she told me that I got it. I was literally stunned. It was pretty amazing that I was seriously lucky enough to get the scholarship. I really felt blessed at that moment to have Amy as my agent.

So if you’re reading this and you have no idea or are looking for information on studying overseas, Amy is the person to look for! You’ll definitely won’t regret it.

Natalie Ting

University of Leeds, UK

First of all, I would like to say A3 Education and Training Centre is a place to grab your dream university, and what you dream of will become reality!

I have actually encountered some circumstances with my previous agent, until one of my friends introduced me to Amy from A3 Education and Training and things finally started going smoothly. Amy really provided me the best counselling service and words can’t describe my appreciation to her.

Although my dream university is not one of the partner universities of A3, Amy has put in all her effort to help me get in touch with the university and helped me throughout the application processes including accommodation and visa.

She also patiently gave me advice and all the relevant information whenever I requested. I definitely would not have done it without her effort.

My experience told me that a reliable and trustworthy agent is crucial in obtaining your goals and future. Hence, I would say A3 is the one you can rely on and they provide student experiences that you will never regret!

Once again, I would like to thanks Amy and the staff from A3 from the bottom of my heart. Your efficiencies and effectiveness are highly appreciated! I will strongly recommend any of my friends who want to study abroad to A3 Education and Training.

Nur Shafiqah Shahirah Mohd Ghazali

INTO Newcastle University, UK
Foundation in Science and Engineering – leading to MEng (Hons) Civil Engineering & Surveying
Recipient of 100% INTO Newcastle Scholarship

Growing up as an ordinary child, I dreamt of many great things for myself and also my family. So, I made it a goal to study as hard as I can and to get into one of the leading universities in the world. I can finally say that, that dream is finally a reality. With the help of Amy, my education advisor from A3 Education & Training, I applied for schools and fortunately was accepted to quite a number of universities in the UK but we narrowed it down to one university that we thought stood out the most and that was INTO Newcastle University.

It was a really great feeling to hear back from INTO Newcastle University after just a few days of application submission and Amy had been a joy to work with, easy-going, friendly and definitely a great motivator. She was also the one who encouraged me to apply for the INTO Foundation Scholarship and I was truthfully hesitant about it after hearing that they were only giving out three awards, worldwide. Even though the chances were really slim, I was silently hoping to get it. So, I wrote the application letter one day in Amy’s office and after half an hour, I was done.

We submitted it and she just told me to keep hoping and never to give up even if I don’t get the scholarship in the end.

Never did I imagine myself to be awarded such a big prize but I did! I was extremely happy that I even cried after hearing the great news. It was such a wonderful moment of relief, happiness and grace. Only God knows how thankful I am of this given opportunity. Much thanks to INTO Newcastle University! My family was proud of me, Amy was too, my best friends and even I was proud of my achievement. An opportunity like this only comes to you once in a blue moon. With a little bit of help, hope and determination, I now know that we can achieve anything we put our minds to.

I thank Amy again for the most amazing experience of my life and for all her efforts working with my family and I to make this work. I hope everyone will experience the same thing I did and all I want to say to everyone out there is that, don’t be afraid to take those chances when you still can otherwise you might regret it later in life.

Robert Chua Yan Ming

INTO East Anglia University, UK
Foundation in Law and Humanities – leading to LLB (Hons) Law

My experience at A3 Education & Training and the services that I received there, are in short words, amazing.

A little about me: as you already know my name from above; while typing this I’m finishing my SPM examinations at the end of November at Sabah Tshung Tsin Secondary School. I first met my current agent Amy Tan, at my school’s international education fair held around July-August at one of the participating university booths. My friend introduced me to her and I was never disappointed, to say the least. I came to her with a university of my choice in mind but was clueless about the application process, the hectic UK VISA process and other things involved in enrolling in a foreign university. Without her help, I might not be able to cope with it.

Amy is an amazing education agent! She’s very outgoing, fun, very friendly and always has a big smile on her face! Whenever I have any problem regarding the university, the application processes or basically anything, she’s always willing to lend a helping hand, and is always an email, instant message or a phone call away!

In addition, if it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t have gotten the University of East Anglia scholarship.

Amy encouraged me to apply for the scholarship but at first, I was very reluctant because I feel that I might disappoint myself as I’m not good enough. One of her advice to me at that time was; “Don’t worry, give it a try. You’ll never know if you don’t try and even if you think you might not get it, at least do it for the exposure”. And I was never disappointed that I applied.

Moreover, Amy has helped me tremendously. For example, I’m hoping to take up a degree in law and I need to decide whether to study A-levels or International Foundation as a pre-requisite for the degree. There are complications e.g. if you take up a degree in Law but studied Foundation, you can’t sit for the Bar exam in Malaysia and can’t work in the Peninsular. But nevertheless, Amy patiently sat down with me and explained the whole process to me in detail.

In conclusion, I really liked my experience at the agency and am really thankful to both the agency and Amy for helping me and guiding me through various steps in applying to study in England. And I would also direct anyone who is searching for a further studies education agent to them as I feel that they’re one of the best ones in town!

Nelson Tay

Academy of Art University, San Francisco, USA

I wanted to say thank you to Ms. Amy so she truly knows how appreciative I am for everything she has done for me. First, I appreciate her support and advice in completing the application process. Because of her help, I was able to give my application a voice and was accepted to Academy of Art University, San Francisco. I am now studying as a Master of Fine Arts student in Animation and Visual Effects.

I can’t even begin to tell how excited and relieved I feel. Also, coming from a different country, it is very difficult and can get overwhelming sometimes. But, she provided a lot of relevant information including very useful general advice, how to deal with my personal management, visa application and accommodations. She has not only been a great guidance counselor, but a real life coach. Finally, thank you for all of her time and effort in this application. Without her help, I could not have done it.

From parents, Mr & Mrs Tay;

First of all, thank you for making our son’s wish come true. We really think he will love it there and it seems like a great school for him. Great academics while also fun and social. Words cannot express how grateful we are for everything Ms. Amy did. We will always be thankful to Mr. Lim for telling us about her. Thanks to the thorough service provided by A3 Education and Training.

(A3 Education & Training also helped place Nelson’s brother Terry at Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation for a BSc (Hons) Information Technology with specialisation in Mobile Technology.)

Cassandra Yong

Dublin International Foundation College (DIFC), Republic of Ireland
Foundation in Health Science (Medicine Pathway)
Jan 2013 to Aug 2013

I joined DIFC for January 2013 intake, and it’s really intensive. There are assignments that are due one after another. It is because the course is split into two semester. Both semester are pretty cramped and now I’m in 2nd semester. But I really like it because I study and work better when it’s stressful. If student joining the September intake, they will find their their timetable more relaxing.

My timetable is about 40 hours of classes per week and not including breaks in between. I think it’s pretty packed but I still have time to socialize with other students while studying together. I still have time for some fun and mingling with my classmate. Student need to be smart in time-management.

I took my entrance examination for Charles University – Medicine. It’s quite tough but we managed well. I’ve already received my conditional offer letter from Charles University to read Medicine. I’m also waiting to sit for my exam at the end of the programme for the RCSI (Royal College Surgeon of Ireland) entrance to read Medicine.

Hopefully I will manage to get an offer as well (fingers crossed).

The environment in Dublin is good (although it rains alot) but the city itself is beautiful and nice. Our accommodation is literally mins walk from the campus and there are so many young students, so it’s a hip place… :)

Lastly from my experience, joining September intake allows student to have more choices to apply to other Universities for Medicine programme, such as Cork University, Masaryk University, St George’s Uni of London, RCSI and Charles University.

Editor: DIFC provides pathway for other streams as well, such as Pharmacy, Business and Management and Engineering. September and January intakes are available and Malaysian students are exempted from visa requirement to study in Republic of Ireland. Please contact us for more information on the registration and fees.

Yvonne Liau

University of East Anglia, UK

A3 Education and Training Centre has really helped me a lot especially Ms Amy. I’m now doing INTO International Diploma at the University of East Anglia. It is way better than the university I was first introduced to by my previous agent (not A3). I was quite lucky that my tuition teacher introduced me to Amy. I already missed the opportunity to apply to 5 universities through UCAS as the previous agent told me it’s unnecessary.

The first university I applied is ranked between 100-110 but the one I’m studying now is ranked top 30 – an enormous difference.

Amy is very quick and responsible, as I had very limited time left. After my A-Levels result came out she still managed to help me apply to 2 top ranked universities – University of East Anglia and Sussex University. Both have good environment and I chose UEA. I like the life here in Norwich, everything is just good as I expected. I’m glad that I have the opportunity to study in such a good ranking university compared to the one previously recommended to me. Thanks Amy! I hope that A3 Education & Training is known by everyone. The service provided is really good. Go there and you won’t regret it!


Carmen Wong

Taylor’s University, Kuala Lumpur

I’m very thankful for all the useful information and details and for being so helpful all this while! You’re the best education adviser that I’ve met through the past 2 years, that always give priority to the student’s need instead of just introducing only a few particular universities.

Thanks Amy!


Hilmi Majid

University of the West of England

Wow, what great service! Amy has helped me to get so much closer to my dreams by providing me with an efficient way to engage with my studies at the university of my choice—here at The University of West of England. She provided a lot of relevant information including very useful general advice, how to deal with the University’s management, my visa application and accommodation.

I was almost clueless before I’ve found their service. As a student counsellor Amy provided me with so much wider perspective in choosing the right pathway for my education.

Entertaining, informative and most importantly relevant; plenty of information to take away and refer to as well. Now all I have to do is get off my backside and put it into action and always communicate with A3 when it comes dealing with the administration level. The service was brilliant and reliable – letting the student to think, understand clearly and communicate what they want in their studies. I recommend any student thinking of going overseas to further their studies to come to A3 Education & Training for advice and assistance.


Nazrin Serin

University of East Anglia, UK

The counsellor at A3 Education & Training helped me choose the best place to study overseas and manage the application process very efficiently for me. They are very helpful especially in my visa applications and preparing all the important documents. Their service is very good and they will do their best to help you to achieve your dream of furthering your studies overseas.

I choose UEA – a very nice place to study that provides me with a unique experience in a multicultural environment. The University staff and teachers are very helpful. UEA is fun because there are many happenings and events on campus and Norwich is a lively city with rich English heritage.