Assistance for U18 Students Educational Guardian

James-Lee Consultancy, UK

We work with James-Lee Consultancy, AEGIS accredited Guardianship Services for students who are Under 18 and required guardianship services in the UK.

Tthis is particularly important for students who are going for Boarding Schools in the UK and require assistance with decisions concerning emergency medical and matters of a disciplinary nature.

Visit James-Lee Consultancy website here to learn more.

ISA Guardian & Welfare Services, Australia

International Student Alliance (ISA) is the largest independent student care and support service in Australia. Established in 1998, ISA was the original provider to international students of what is now known as independent professional welfare or care giver services (not Legal Guardianship).

ISA specialise in the provision of support, security and advocacy services to international students during their study time in Australia. The services provided by ISA for under 18 care are recognised by most Australian universities as they provide timely and quality feedback to students, parents and education providers and agents.

Visit ISA Guardian & Welfare Services website here to learn more.

For more information, please contact us at 088-727 802 or [email protected]